Lots going on today

First things first: the Soldier On quilt has been accepted into the World Quilt Competition! It's been selected along with 18 other amazing quilts from Australia, and the competition premieres at the World Quilt Show in the US in August, and will tour around other shows in the US until the start of next year. You can find out more here: http://worldquiltaustralian.com/ Secondly, I just about have the ship quilt done (to the 90% level) which is great, only 2 backgrounds to go! I got all the feature panels out today and had a play with them lined up next to the backgrounds - they look much better all together and I have to keep reminding myself to keep the background panels as 'background' and not overdo them. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the panels now, as I complete more of the background my plan for them is becoming clearer and clearer.

Thirdly, I've found time for (A.K.A. squished in) a small project for James's boat. He's been bugging me to do something for his boat for ages, and I've finally caved into pressure. I'm actually quite pleased I did, as it's not a project I would have chosen to tackle otherwise but it's pushing the boundaries for the cut paper paintings.

This is the digital cartoon for the painting - I'll have some more pics tomorrow :)