The moth is all done.

close up 2 I decided he looked a bit naked with only one pair of wings, so I added another pair on top. It helps balance out his head and body and just looks a bit nicer. I'm still not sure if hanging his body over the side was a good idea - I like the effect but the neat freak in me is worried it might get bent in transit or somewhere along the way. I suppose only time will tell and if his wings drop off I can always make new ones!

When I first got into making art quilts (instead of doing hand needlework all the time) I would always wonder about how to finish the work on the back. I wondered about covering the entire back of the quilt with another piece of fabric, or burying the threads as much as possible, or trying to keep the threads on the surface and not go through to the back at all. I tried to work out what other quilters had done, and if I was lucky I would be able to find a lovely white glove lady at a show who would let me see the back of hand-worked pieces, but most of the time I just guessed. So, for anyone who is interested here is the back with the handstitching for the moth:


My approach goes along the lines of - no one will ever need to see the back and I should do whatever it takes to get the look I want on the front. I don't want to compromise what I can create on the front by being picky about my finishings on the back. That being said, it's really important to make sure any work will be properly secure, especially if it includes any hand-work and even more so if it will also be travelling around. I know not everyone will agree with my approach (and some might even think I'm being sloppy) but I'm happy with it and that's the most important bit!