More lino and a mono print.

image I've been enjoying reading about Ruth De Vos's weekly challenges (you can find her work and the challenges here: and she creates amazing quilts with Eucalyptus imagery so it seemed quite natural to try some of my own gum leaves in class. I also liked the traditional Torres Strait Islander work that our tutor showed us (you can find prints like that all over Cairns, really beautiful and distinctive work) and wanted to incorporate some of their uses of line and shape within my own lino leaves. I also wanted the lino a bit more geometric and 'modern', hence the rectangles down the side.

I'm a bit wiped out after the three full on days in class but I'll try to sort it out and post some more bits over the weekend. There are so many ideas here that can relate back to quilting; concepts of layering and tone, processes that require multiple techniques and processes, and delayed gratification (you don't know what you'll end up with until it's printed!)