Back to quilting!

I must admit that I'm a much better quiltmaker than printmaker. I really enjoyed the process of learning, and I have so many new ideas for the quilts now, but I'm definitely not clean enough to make multiple fingerprint free prints.

I'm just finishing up my journal for the printmaking block and then I'm going to dive back into the Anzac Quilts.

I'm going to work on the close-up panels next week, since I've had just about enough of backgrounds for now. I've got the age old problem of lots of different options for how to construct them, almost too many choices. I have a feeling next week is going to involve buckets of trial and error. I'm currently leaning towards a linear approach, similar to what I did for 'Linc and me', and I've been looking at a lot of Rosie James's work. She uses black outline drawings with FMQ and pops of colour. You can find her work here: And Jenny Bowker's incredible work for the Canberra Centenary

Also, this weekend is the Sydney Quilt Show! I didn't enter anything this year, I had no new work that isn't occupied elsewhere, but there is a lot of other beautiful to see. You can find out more (and check out the winners) here:

And finally, I've just updated the gallery with the moth quilt!