Jaimee's quilt - background painting

I actually managed to get something done today! It was a bit of a surprise but James took the two little kids to bunnings so I spent the morning alternating between painting and playing lego with Ethan as the sections dried! Lots of fun. I've decided to paint the background rather than piecing it for a few reasons; I want you to know the girls are on the train but I don't want you to look at the train bits for long, I want to keep the number of layers down as there'll be enough layers with the girls as it is, and I enjoy painting when I get the chance.

I used acrylic, mostly watered down into a few different shades, and then I layered a bit like you would with watercolors. I like the painterly marks this creates and it gives it a really soft look. It's actually really similar to what I did with the Anzac Quilts background panels, only there I used dye instead of acrylic. I find the acrylic has more body and was easier to vary in strength than the dye or fabric paint, but I'm pretty sure I can't heat set it so it's only good for this kind of work. I always use archival quality paint.

Here is a section of the right side of the image.


And this is the whole image I'm working with (the squares on the right are the colour ways for the faces, Jaimee's on the left and the girls on the right):