Jaimee's quilt - Quilting

So I've spent the last two days quilting like a mad woman and I'm about 98% done. Even with my amazing machine I was having a hard time reaching the middle bits and I was starting to really question my judgement in choosing to make a quilt that is 2m by 1.4m. BUT... I just turned the speed down really low and took my time. And it looks great, definitely with all the effort, the size is great and it'll look great on the wall.

No sneak peeks of the quilting, I'll finish it off over the weekend and hang it next week for some decent photos!

In other news, my AQC 2015 catalogue arrived today! Unfortunately I won't get a chance to do any of the classes but there are since excellent ones on offer this year, and I was really pleased to see a heap of classes for art quilters!

I was even more excited because I spotted Aussie Hero Quilts on the front cover! I'm very excited for Jan-Maree and get team to see them getting recognition and support from the quilting world :)


There is a little article about the Gallipoli quilts in the catalogue as well: