Jaimee's quilt - binding


Well that was a Mammoth three days but i've finished the quilting now for Jaimee's quilt! I've squared it up (which sucks as a job - trying to get everything square over such a big space - but always feels really good cos it's the first time you can really see how the quilt will look once it's on the wall), and I've cut the binding so now it's just a heap of hand sewing to put it all together.

As a review of such a big quilt with lots of layers and acrylic paint I'm really impressed with how the Bernina had performed. I won't say I didn't struggle at all with the middle sections but I had no loss of power and with a bit of effort and lots of planning I'd be happy to tackle another quilt this size on the machine again. Although, I've heard whispers today about Bernina launching a long arm sit down machine early next year which will require some investigation!

The kids school is having their annual fete tonight so I'm looking forward to getting out of the house :)