Last day of uni, Sydney (plus Maggie!), and One Step Further.

It's the last day of uni for the year tomorrow! I've been really surprised at how much I've learnt and changed because of uni this year, our lecturer held a trivia quiz last week in class and I actually knew most of the answers, not surprisingly I got the pop art question wrong! Fortunately, James and I are heading to Sydney next week and the Art Gallery of NSW's Pop to Popism exhibition starts next week so I can pick up the bits I've missed and check out some of the pieces we've been discussing in class first hand. The last time we went away without the kids was for a friends wedding in Tassie at the start of 2011. I found out I was pregnant with Linc about a week before we left, and the combination of (a) morning sickness and (b) a trip to Tassies best wine and soft cheese country, meant that I spent a lot of the trip feeling quite sorry for myself. We're not in Sydney for long, and I'll have a hard time prying myself away from my new little niece so I'm not sure how much else we'll get to do/see, but I'm looking forward to lots of uninterrupted time with James before he heads away again!


I've also found out this week that Yellow Box, the big moth/bark quilt, has been accepted into One Step Further this year. It's a great exhibition, I'm devastated that once again I will get into town a few days after it's closed, but I know I'll get there one day! Soldier On was Runner Up (large Quilts) last year, so here's hoping I can do one better this year ;)

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