I've just started the next project! Some of you will recognise this beautiful face, she's the founder and driving force behind a very large quilting charity. Jan-Maree will be part of the Women in Defence project, but she'll also be my entry for the AQC Challenge for 2015. She was an Air Traffic Controller at Richmond, the same as I was, just a few years before me ;)

I've decided on a design and done the first round of outlines, next is blowing the image up to full size (the big template in this photo is 40cm square) and the final quilt will be 90cm. Cos things tend to shrink a bit when I'm quilting I'll blow it up to about 95cm and trim back if I need to.


Isn't she fantastic?

I'll have to put it on pause until we get back from Sydney but I'm excited about this one :)