Home again

I love going away, especially when it's time with James, but it's very nice to be home. He's off again this week so it's taking me longer than normal to get things straight; Mum and Dad did a great job with the kids but I've still got truckloads of washing to catch up on and a whole heap of fabric to sort through and stash. I've put together the full size template for JM's quilt, next is outlining the shapes on the reverse so I have a template for the visofix. All the steps to get to the final template can take forever but I like going through the process - the end result is further from the original and I quite like that, makes the quilt a little bit more cartoonish and fuzzy, like Gerhard Richter painting a photo realistic image then blurring the edges.

I've tacked the template onto a spare wall in the studio, but it won't stay there long, I usually tape them to the floor (or a table if they're small enough) so I can trace the lines without worrying about the template moving about.

I think she looks pretty good :)