As it turns out...

I have a slightly obsessive personality. It's the same urge that sees me enrolling the kids in schools 5 minutes after James gets his posting order (not really - it usually takes me a day or two ;). Most of the time I'm able to stomp it down and act like a relatively normal person, but today was not my day. It all started about 10:30 last night, when I was putting on the washing and the laundry tap died. Like it just died, refused to turn off. And it was the hot water tap so I could see my shower going down the drain. And of course it's bedtime, so not only is it dark outside where I have to turn off the mains, but I'm also in my PJ's. Bummer.

Luckily, my amazing Dad came over with a spanner thing to turn the mains off and I got to sleep (after a not too cold shower). I was planning on hitting the shops today to pick up the fabric and bits for Jan-Maree's quilt, but I had to wait for the plumber so I've been stuck at home all day, not wanting to start something new and with no fabric to get stuck into JM's quilt.

So today I've given in to my 'new-idea-must-act-on-it-instantly' side and started writing the eBook.

I've had a really good day actually, I'm just getting some ideas down and I made a tiny little 'experiment' project to go in it. I'm thinking of putting together a heap of small activities, rather than one masterpiece, which can be done individually and will develop skills to build larger/more complicated quilts.

It's only tiny: Good 16

It's more about the process than just recreating something I've made - going through a set of steps to gain confidence to build your own style! Knowing my obsessive side, I'm guessing it won't take too long to get the first version of the eBook done :)