I'm multitasking.

Don't you love those days where lots gets done? I caved and turned the air conditioning on today so I'm thinking that may have had something to do with my high productivity levels. I finished some questions for an article I had overlooked (oops!) I answered some emails and I got started with the background for JM's quilt.

I'm working with acrylics again, I've put down the base layer for the purple tones in the background, most of these will be covered with other colours.


It feels a bit strange to be interpreting a quilt with paint. But I really want the background to be the last thing you look at, so it needs to be as flat and non-attention seeking as possible. By keeping it deliberately blurred it will appear to be further away.

I also finished numbering all the sections on the template. It's a good job, sometimes the template can be a bit tricky to decode without the numbers in place, and going through the process really helps me to learn the image.

I use numbers and letters, here the glasses are a b c d and her skin is 1 to 7.


I'll aim to finish the background tomorrow and have the panels cut ready for painting!