Amazing Weekend!

Wow, we've just had an awesome few days! James's boat was decommissioned (retired from service) on Wednesday, and his parents came up to join us for the service. It was a really great parade, sometimes parades can be a bit repetitive but this one was great, and the kids loved seeing the band up close. The Navy Daily published an article all about the boats and their service:

Sometimes promotion can be a low key affair - I've never been there before when James was promoted - so it was extra special when he was given his promotion in front of us (and his folks) at the reception on Wednesday night!


On Friday night we went to the Decommissioning Ball and had a great night - very swish! An amazing photographer friend of mine was kind enough to meet up and take some pics beforehand - if you're looking for a family photographer in Cairns you can find her on Facebook:

We haven't had non-kid photos taken since we got married almost 9 years ago - it feels a bit special to have some done now :)



And to finish of our weekend we met some friends at the beach a few hours South for a night away - we had a great time and my phone went flat pretty much as we arrived so I couldn't have been distracted even if I wanted to!

Bianca took this amazing pic of our girls, (check out her beautiful magazine at Yum. if you're into gluten free food -


Ok, last bit of news - Brenda from Serendipity Patchwork and Quilting ( shared these videos this week, both of them have images of my quilts!

Houston Quilt Festival 2014 - SAQA Exhibit I'm at the 00:50 minute point - there were no photos allowed from Houston so it's great to see some of the details in these amazing quilts online.

And this one if from the Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork, you can see quite a few of the quilts in the special Australian exhibit (including mine) at around 02:06 minute.

Phew! Sorry for the huge post, it's been a massive weekend and with Christmas coming up it's just getting crazier! Hope you all had a great weekend :)