JM's quilt - Quilting

I've been powering ahead with JM's quilt, i finished the construction yesterday and I got started on the quilting this morning. image I kept forgetting different parts like her beads or the gold knobbly bits on her glasses but we got there in the end.


And I got to start the quilting today, I always try to do the colours on top first to hold everything in place.


No matter what I do I have to go slowly, it's almost impossible to fix any mistakes since the fabric is unforgiving, so I have to try not to make any in the first place. I'm sticking mainly to echo quilting again, I want the quilting to accentuate not dominate. It's not a huge quilt so it's a lot quicker and easier to quilt; not so much folding to fit it through the machine to reach the middle. I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished!