Busy time of year!

This time of year is mental but in a good way! I've managed to squeeze in the odd bit of sewing around all the fun stuff - we headed to the beach for a few days with another family and I even managed to get something done there! I've been working on JM's Quilt - the quilt is finished now and I'm just doing the binding.

Since JM is finished (to all intents and purposes) I've headed back into moth/bark territory, and I've been making some 'practice' moths. I approached them a little differently, they are all about 15cm across, and they are made to be self-supporting, unlike the ones on the quilts which are sewn directly onto the quilts in parts.

I've made them as brooches, with a tiny felt 'stick' in the abdomen as a support, and copper antennae. The wings are a combination of hand-dyed felt, cashmere, Italian wool, silk and gold lame. Plus some other bits I've forgotten :)


They're handy to take travelling, as everything I need fits into a small box -


We got home from camping on Saturday just in time to meet my brother and sister in law (and little Maggie) who have all come to Cairns for Christmas - OMG this girl is gorgeous, she's so smiley and friendly and loves watching the big kids play.

So she's a bit distracting... not much sewing getting done this week!


Hope you're all having a good run-up to Christmas!