Ooops; I've been a bit slack with the blog.

Please forgive me :) I've been crazy busy now that James is gone, I've been working on the commission and I've just started back on the Anzac quilt. I tend to post more photos to Facebook than on here, so if you want to see what I'm up to in 'real time' please like me here:

While I'm pretty much fixed on the plan for the Anzac quilts, I've gone back to refine them a little bit for a different angle. Doing the work on the Women in Defence quilts has made me realise how much I enjoy portraying those intimate, personal, quiet moments rather than the grand, dramatic ones. I've ditched one or two quilts which were moreĀ about the 'glory of the Anzacs' and I'm replacing them with scenes which are taken from the images and drawings the soldiers made themselves; I'd been using a few of the staged photos taken towards the end of the campaign for reference but I've put them aside now.

I've also just found The Anzac Book and it's been fascinating! It was compiled from the stories, poems and sketches of the men who fought on the ground, and published as a 'Christmas Diversion' (kind of like a yearbook) - contributions were accepted in November and December 1915. The soldiers tell their own story, and the result is a brutally honest, compelling version of events. You can actually purchase your own copy from the Australian War Memorial, find it online here:

There is also an online PDF version which I am using for now, hopefully I'll get my own hardcopy version someday: