I'm heading to Brisbane tomorrow!

for the Queensland Regional Art Awards Exhibition Opening. I only get one day of freedom, but I'm really looking forward to a few things; I get to catch up with a few of my favourite textile people and check out the galleries, as well as attend the opening. The exhibition is on until the 28th Feb. http://www.flyingarts.org.au/X-QRAA-Vital-Signs-Archive-pg30164.html

Australia Wide Four is also on exhibition in Queanbeyan from next Tuesday. I have a soft spot for Queanbeyan, it's where Linc was born, and the Q is a great venue. You can check out the details here, and I'm super excited that they picked my quilt as the publicity image!


Linc has settled into his preschool and absolutely loves it, so I'm having a guilt-free day working on the templates for the Gallipoli panels as well as trying out some ideas for the creepy crawlies for the hospital commission! The quilts themselves are finished, but not bound or squared off yet, and I've got them rolled up until I'm ready to put the bugs on.