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So in the last few months I've been a bit crazy busy, and one of the things which has kept me crazy busy has been changing my website over to a new server. I'm much much happier with it now, I think it looks sharp and conveys what I want it to about my work, plus it lets me add pages with details about my different projects (like the Gallipoli Quilt page).

Only problem with change is that I've had to relearn how to blog on the new format - so please excuse my quietness and also if there are any bloggy teething problems for the next few posts.

It's Anzac Day today, one of the most significant days of the year for our family. This year, once again, James is away - he led the service in a remote part of PNG called Popandetta. Rosie, Mum and I went to the Dawn Service this morning in Cairns which was absolutely beautiful - I was so proud to see so many people turn up.

This was the first year I let the kids wear our medals, Rose wanted to wear mine (very proud Mumma moment) even though James has a squillion more than me.

The kids loved the parade, they've seen parades in a few different towns now (almost a different town each year) and this one was great. Linc loved the 'tanks'

If you would like to contribute to contemporary veterans, Soldier On are running a great campaign and want to help you say Thank you for your service

Lastly, if you have any feedback on the new blog or website please don't be shy :)