Tidying up, and I'm finally selling moths (advance orders welcome)

It was great to finish the Gallipoli Quilts, but boy did I make a mess getting them done in time! I have been studiously avoiding tackling the piles of fabric left over from the mental construction period, which were quickly stacked into boxes to keep out the dust.

I've been getting by as I'm super busy working on the Women in Defence quilts, each of which requires me to paint it's own fabric from scratch, but now I need to dig out the moth fabric I've had to tackle the mountain! Linc was a great help, keeping me company while the big two were at school.

And now everything is back in order, which is awesome because this week I received my first (super exciting!) order for a moth brooch! So I've dug out the beautiful moth fabric and I'll get stuck into making a few very soon. My client (who has exceptional taste) has requested a Helena Gum Moth, and aside from hers there will be a few others available; I need to work out how to set up an eshop so you can all get your hands on one!