Triangles again

Now that I know that my ancestors lived and died in the area where I was born since at least the Bronze Age, I've been trying to find examples of the things they used and the art they made.

It's not as easy as you'd think - there are a huge number of examples from Britain as a whole, but trying to find specific examples from one region (without a handy plane ticket and trip to the British Museum) is more difficult.

But what I have been able to find is pretty exciting - here's a complete beaker from the Early Bronze Age, that was found around 35kms from my home town:

We're back to that triangular pattern, this time with cross-hatching. I love how they've stuck to the pattern, and even carried it across to the handle. 

There's also a sword with a very pretty handle:

And they seemed to have a thing for thick gold 'torcs', which are worn as kind of an oversized bangle around the neck. TBH they look like my kind of necklace ;)

I'll have a closer look at these next...