Digging for bones

So if you're into history at all this is a little bit cool. 

Around 75 miles from where I was born, so in the same sort of region where I'm looking for ancestral inspiration, there's a place called Creswell Crags. It's one of the most northerly places to have been visited by ancient people (read: cavemen) and is full of artefacts, carvings and rock art - some of the most exciting in Europe. 


The caves provided shelter to a group of nomadic people during the last Ice Age, between around 55,000 and 10,000 years ago. Are these my people? Maybe, maybe not. There's a strong chance some of them remained in the area, they'd been there for a long time after all...

"Stone, bone and ivory tools from the caves reveal Middle and Upper Palaeolithic occupation, in addition recently discovered 13,000 year old engraved rock art figures of deer, birds, bison, and horse. This evidence connects the Ice Age human cultures at Creswell Crags to groups across north-west Europe."

The rock art is beautiful, and I need to spend time having a closer look, their carving was so beautiful and refined...

Bird, 13,000 years old.