Got to go back to the start

Ok not quite the start, but pretty close. 

I was born in a place called Cleethorpes, it's on the North East coast of England and the closest town centre is Grimsby. 

The town itself has been around since the Danes invaded in the 9th Century AD. There's evidence of a Roman settlement, but the area was always pretty marshy and it wasn't until the area was drained that the town could really take off. 

The whole area was taken over by the Danes (AKA Vikings) around the same time, and that part of England became known as the Danelaw (see this excellent map for more details).

By Hel-hama - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Hel-hama - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


What does this mean for me?

Hard to say. I'm probably ethnically part Anglo-Saxon, part Viking. Pretty cool, hey? I'd tend towards the Viking/Danish theory because both my boys are redheads...

See? It's ginger central at my place

See? It's ginger central at my place


So this throws up some questions... 

Do I just look for design inspiration from the place where I was born? Or do I travel further, and think about the places where my ancestors come from, both Anglo-Saxon and Viking? 

Hmmm... this needs thought.