Stuff I should have said more often

I'm not really sewing much at the minute. There's a few reasons why; I'm working full time, still bringing up three little people, and feeling in general a bit down-in-the-dumps about it all. 

But I started a little tiny project last week. Nothing huge. It'll never be a big project or amount to anything more than stress relief, but it's a project so I'm thankful all the same. 

Here it is: 

I've been thinking a fair bit lately about all the things I wish I'd said more often. Not necessarily to anyone in particular, just things I wish I'd had the courage to say more often when the situation warranted. 

AND... I'm in love with rude needlework. Like this one:

By Spookyghoul 

By Spookyghoul 

So I dyed some fabric real pretty (because why not)

And then I stitched it, with some of the words I wish I'd said most in my life. 

'Please don't talk over the top of me'

'Please don't talk over the top of me'

I've barely ever said this. Even though I should have done hundreds of times. 

I said it again a week or so ago and it felt so good, especially when that person, in particular, had been talking over me for years. 


There's more to come. But for now, it's making me feel a little bit better :) so I'll keep stitching.