Uni presentation, another book, and Houston.

Last Day of uni! Actually, it doesn't feel as exciting as the last day of school used to feel. But it was great to see everyone's artworks, we've all been talking about them for the last few months but not really seeing anything anyone else was doing, so this morning we all got to check out the other pieces. Here's my piece (the Jaimee Quilt) hanging in the Lux Gallery. It's actually more of a corridor but you have to work with what you've got :)


I was actually pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of mixed media work - including textiles. One student created three wearable evening gowns, very bold and dramatic - she employed three models as well to wear the gowns. Marianne has created a gown from leaves she found near her home (she lives surrounded by rainforest) - while you couldn't wear it, the detail and shape of the gown is just beautiful.


Articles From a Dryad Wedding Rehearsal, Marianne Coady 2014


Articles From a Dryad Wedding Rehearsal, Marianne Coady 2014 This is the back of the gown, it has a real 'bustle' shape to it.

Another student made a birds nest from discarded electrical cables - she wove the cables as you would in normal basket weaving, but there's something a bit special about the plugs and sockets hanging out the sides.


Bird Nest for a Modern World, Ronda Sharpe 2014


Bird Nest for a Modern World, Ronda Sharpe 2014

In other news, I've also been approached by some people who are putting together an exhibition of military quilts next year as they want to use the image of the Soldier On quilt on the inside front cover of their accompanying book. I'm not sure yet if the quilt will be part of the actual exhibition - I'll let you know if it is :)

Last piece of news for today - SAQA's Redirecting the Ordinary Exhibit has just debuted at the International Quilt Festival - Houston. My quilt, Work Ready, is part of the exhibition - I won't get to see it in person and would love to see any photos of the exhibition if anyone has any???

More info here: http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?cat=8&ec=3&ex=46

Show Schedule

International Quilt Festival - Houston, Texas, October 30 - November 2, 2014 International Quilt Festival - Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2015 International Quilt Festival - Chicago, Illinois, June 2015 Additional venues may be added, through December 2017


Jaimee's quilt - almost finished painting.

I'm onto the last few panels now, just the colours of the face and arms to do. They just happen to be the most tricky and I may have been procrastinating... I've decided to start putting the quilt together and quilting the pieces as I go. This is really not like me, normally I'd put everything together before I tried to quilt it. There are lots of good reasons for not doing it this way; there's a good chance I may find it harder to make pieces meet, and I might find myself unpicking things or hiding small problems, but I had such a hard time quilting the Amber quilt as it was so thick and stiff that I'm hoping this will make the quilting of the important parts much easier. I've added the seat panels and quilted the edges, I'm trying to put enough quilting in to hold it all in place without distorting the surface.

Here's part of the far right of the quilt, it's part of the seat and the train window. I'm really happy with the colours and I actually like the watercolour effect of the background. I'm always a bit dubious when trying new things so it's nice to see something turning out better than I'd expected!


And hopefully here's a better close up of the painted panels:


If you get a chance, check out the work of this street artist: http://www.jr-art.net/


28_millimetres_-_women_are_heroes_action_dans_la_favela_morro_da_providencia_favela_de_jour_rio_de_janeiro_bresil_2008 28 Millimeters, Women Are Heroes Action dans la Favela Morro da Providência, Favela de Jour, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil, 2008

He's an absolutely phenomenal street artist who began working in Paris when he was a teenager. He's gone on to take his particular brand of street art across the world, and I particularly love his Women are Heroes project.

In order to pay tribute to those who play an essential role in society but who are the primary victims of war, crime, rape and political or religious fanaticism, JR pasted huge photos of the faces and eyes of local women all over the outside of the favela, suddenly giving a female gaze to both the hill and the favela.

“It’s a project made of bric-a-brac, like the favela itself. We had to adapt to this world where the roofs of houses are made of plastic and children’s revolvers are made of steel. We managed to get by in spite of the steep streets, the unsteady houses, the unpredictable electric cables and the exchanges of gunshots where the bullets sometimes go through several houses at once”, says JR.

If you get a chance, please watch his TED Prize Speech, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PAy1zBtTbw

I've started work on Jaimee's quilt.


It's going to be big! But the image is really lovely (you can only see part of it here, the bottom is missing) and I love the colours so it should be really effective!

The lines all over the faces are the outlines for the colour blocks, and it's on the wall so I can pencil in the lines from the template before refining it later.

Amber's quilt is on the wall in the background, they'll be the same height but this one is around 2m wide.

Quick plug

For the Quilters Guild of NSW Under 35s Competition: This was the first comp I won and I am so grateful for the start it gave me - if you're thinking of entering now is the time!  

Outside My Window 2014 Under 35's Quilt Competition

In 2012, in conjunction with Quilters Companion Magazine and Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd, the Guild supported the inaugural Under 35’s Quilt Competition.

In 2014, this new tradition continues with the theme “Outside My Window”. An exhibition displaying all quilts entered in the competition will be held at Newington College Gallery, Stanmore, 27 – 29 June 2014.

Entries close on 18 June 2014. For more information on how to enter, prizes and terms and conditions, visit under35quiltcomp.com.au

Theme and Size of Quilt

  • Theme: Outside My Window — use this theme as the inspiration to create your quilt.
  • Size of the Quilt: • 120cm x 150cm only (quilt must be no larger than this) • Portrait or landscape orientation

Amateur Categories* (age as at18 June 2014)

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • 18–24 years
  • 25–35 years

* Professional quiltmakers may enter but will not be judged or eligible to win prizes. However, they will get their quilt showcased.


The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc, Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd , PK Fabrics and Material Obsession are proudly sponsoring the 2014 Brother Under 35s Quilt Competition and are giving away 10 NEW Brother NS35 Computerised Sewing Machines (valued at more than $5000); $2000 worth of cash prizes and 12 PK Fabric packs! In addition, there are 12 Australian Quilters Companion packs (valued at $2400) to be won. PLUS four copies of Kathy Doughty's latest book, Adding Layers, to be won.

Prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category.



And this is what 20m looks like.


And it's 280cm wide. All I can say is thank goodness spotlight had a sale on today.

Linc has finally gone to sleep so I'm spending what's left of the arvo enlarging the sketches to quarter scale. I've tried to pin them up somewhere to get an idea of the effect but I don't have a long enough wall, I need around 4m!


That's just the first 3 on the wall.

I'll take another pic if I manage to get them up!

It got in!!! It got in!!! It got in!!!

Yay!! The James quilt is going to the US as part of the Redirecting the Ordinary Exhibition!Image

I can barely believe the week that I've had - it's just been incredible! This is certainly the icing on the cake and just making the quilts is reward enough for me so to be recognised for something that gives me so much joy is fantastic!!!

You can find more details for the exhibition here: http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?cat=8&ec=2&ex=46

Self portrait


Sometimes stuff works and sometimes it doesn't. I've been trying to put together a tiny self portrait for an ice breaker project at uni and I found it really tricky. To start with I don't have many photos of myself, and working to 7cm was quite tricky (I didn't realise how small that was until I drew the sketch box). I love the top half of it,


But the bottom half makes me look like a messy zombie.


A bit embarrassing really...

My questionably creative kids have spent ages this morning making 'pirate hats' all by themselves. Ethan's helped with the names but they each decorated their own. Linc has decided it's too hot to wear clothes up here which is why he's hiding behind the table a la Austin Powers to protect his modesty!


Not perfect yet but good enough to start sewing.


Phew! Think I need a medal for sorting out that lot. But now it's done and I can get stuck into the Aled Anzac day quilt.

In not so good news, the removalists from hell managed to crack the frame of my quilting cabinet. Considering the amount of stuff they managed to damage I'm not surprised, I suppose I should be grateful they didn't smash my machine as well. Thankfully it's now over and we won't have to move again for 6 months or so until the house is built!

So the first part of the move is over,

And we're homeless for a few weeks. Don't ask me how the uplift went it was just depressing I'm hoping the delivery to the new goes much more smoothly. I'm enjoying some enforced time off, and I'm just finishing off the quilt I'm making as a Christmas gift now. I'm back to basics without even a rotary cutter and I'm going to be doing the facing by hand!


I hope everyone's Christmas preparation is going well - not long now!

Some new things.

I'm almost finished the boots now, and I'm starting to think about what comes next. I've got one small quilt I'm making for a Christmas present, not going to say who for, using some of the fabric from the workshop with Sue in geelong. I'm not sure yet what to do as a feature, I need to think about it a bit more first.


The other thing I'm thinking about is more long term, as the closing date isn't until the end of Feb. It's a close up of a bit of James, and the finished quilt would be quite big. What do you think?


It's Mum's birthday tomorrow

And she's coming to spend the day with us! Ethan is doubly excited as it's also grandparents day at school tomorrow, the kids have had a great time decorating her cake. image

I didn't know what to get her (she asked for a gnome) but I knew she loves pretty fabric, so I made her some! It was heaps of fun to make something with no project in mind, and I love the bright colors.


I used the dye na flow and I also did some mono printing.


She doesn't normally check read my blog or Facebook so hopefully she won't see this - please don't show her anybody!

The OzQuilt conference was great!

I had a great time and got to meet so many amazing quilters! My presentation went ok, I actually got over my nerves towards the end and started enjoying it. It was amazing to go into town with my Canberra friends again, we had heaps of fun just chatting and dancing - I had very sore feet the next morning!

I've finished the panel for the back of the boot quilt - it now has all 10 of our feet on the bottom. The theme for this comp is ten, and I like having the back of my quilts reflect the front. I'm going to start putting it all together tomorrow if Linc has a sleep in the arvo.


Getting my girly on this weekend!

I'm driving to Canberra for the OzQuilt Network Conference this weekend and to see my Canberra buddies!!!!!!

I'm not sure which bit I am most excited about - probably all of it, a bit nervous about giving the presentation, and a little worried I'll end up at King O'Malley's, but overall just really really happy!

So no more sewing pics this weekend, I've been slowing adding detail to the shoes but there is still soooooo much to do.

Have a great weekend!