asylum seeker quilt

TMAG is finished, moving on again!

I'm really going to miss working on the Tassie quilt, it was such a nice one to do :) I'll have to work with soft squishy fabrics more often. I'm moving on to something for the AQIPP (Australian Quilts in Public Places) comp now. The theme for this year is water, weft and weave, you can find out more here: I have been thinking about something to do with patrol boats for a little while now, I like the shape of the new ones and I feel like they do a pretty thankless job most of the time, but fill a vital role for Australia. I'm not particularly political and don't have a strong for or against stance about asylum seekers, but the image I've been playing with for the last few days is drawing me in anyway. I'm going to use the boat featured in the new government ads aimed at asylum seekers for my 'people smuggler boat'. I'll try to add a pic of my sketch tomorrow, my flash was playing up tonight.