Quilted faces

One of those weeks.

I've been a bit quiet but it's not because I've not been working, I'm just running out of spare brain power right now! Yesterday I finally cracked it and took linc with me to muddy's to meet a good friend and we had a great time on our 'day off' playing in the water and eating chips. image

So, what have I been up to...

I've had a few bits due for uni and I've had my first two results back, both of which I am really happy with. I'm almost finished some bags for Mum, just have the lining and pocket to go.


I've been sending off a few more entry forms for things again, I had a bit of a lull for a while so I could take stock and get started on the Gallipoli quilts but I'm feeling much happier about them now.

And I've done a heap of prep for a work on paper, for my entry for the John fries at award.


This is all the paper painted with acrylic in shades of grey,

and this is the image


I actually had a good time at uni doing a stencil and aerosol version of it,


We've got a quiet weekend planned now, we're enjoying the nicer (read less wet) weather and James actually being home!

I've been working on the bit with James and Linc

I cut out the panel with James and Lincoln that I'd done for the first try at the boot quilt. I liked that bit the best of the old quilt, it had seemed like a shame to not use it for something. I also like how it's a bit vague compared to the shoes. It's all put together with raw edge applique and it's just a bit rough. I did some work on it last night, it worked out well since I could keep James company while he was studying. He kept telling me off for singing along to the radio so I'm not really sure he appreciated my company ;)