I had a great week at the geelong forum! I did the textile souvenirs workshop with Sue Dennis which was all I'd hoped for and more! She was very generous and it was great to see her working up close, I can't wait to get stuck into using the skills she passed on in my quilts. I'm thinking about starting the shoe quilt all over again! It was lovely to meet so like minded textile maniacs, my class mates were all brilliant and I spent way too much money in the trades Hall.

So overall, I had a great week and I'd love to go back next year, but I think James and the kids were pleased to see me!

In other news, a family friend asked me a little while ago to make a quilt of her beautiful cat Meko. She sent me some pics to work from, and instructions to include some pink and a finished size of 30cm square.

I've got a short time frame but as this one isn't for exhibition I can post as many pics as I want!

Here is the cropped photo of Meko I'm going to work from


OzQuilt Network Conference

OzQuilt Network are holding their Conference this year in November and I have been asked to give a presentation!To say I was surprised to be asked is a bit of an understatement but I'm actually now getting over my initial jitters and looking forward to talking about what I love to like-minded people. You can find out more about the conference and register at www.ozquiltnetwork.org.au

In other news I'm absolutely loving the TAFTA forum, there are so many lovely people and I'm surrounded by incredible textiles all day! I'm having some hits and misses in our class, but learning from both, I'll try to remember to take some pics today to show you. The tutors exhibition and saleroom was opened last night and I picked up a pair of Vicki Mason's beautiful earrings (if James asks I've had them for ages ;))


You can find more if her works at www.vickijewel.com

All packed for Geelong.

TAFTA Retreat tomorrow!!! SOOOOO excited about the week ahead, mostly getting to meet other amazing textile minded people and learning from Sue Dennis!! Also a bit excited about getting to sleep through the night, eat my meals at my own pace and talk all day to grown-ups. This is the first time I'll have been away from the kids for a whole week, and it is taking a whole team of 4 Grandparents and one Dad to fill the gap. James keeps reminding me that I'm being soft and a week away is nothing - think I'll miss them a whole heap anyway :) If anyone is in Geelong the Open House Saturday October 5th is supposed to be brilliant - you can find the details here: http://tafta.org.au/geelong-forum/

For everyone who's asked what I'll be doing all week, you can see the course details on Sue's website here: http://www.suedennis.com/wstextilesouvenirs.html Sue's work is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her again.

TAFTA Contextart Forum

Just booked a 2-day spot at the forum in April to do a felting course with Janet Crowe! Really really excited about it, her work is so beautiful and she uses the same colours and textures I love but in such a unique way.

You can see more about the forum here: http://tafta.org.au/contextart/ they still have quite a few spots available.

Janet Crowe's work is so beautiful -  it's all about the colours and textures and natural dyes. You can find her work here: http://www.janetlcrowe.com/index.html


Yabby project 1

Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything. This doesn't mean I haven't thought of anything to post, rather I've been flat out with a tonsil removal and family stuff so making online with enough spare time to post anything has been a bit of a stretch. i'm only able to write now by taking out of my sleep time :(

I read the TAFTA newsletter the other day which mentioned the Expressions Art Quilt Prize. This jumped at me because it is not only about art quilts, but it is from the National Wool Museum in Geelong, where I have spent quite a bit of time. Definately gives another reason to visit when it's on even if I don't get anywhere with this quilt.

Since the comp is being sponsored by the Wool Museum, the quilt needs to be predominately made of wool. I suppose I've never really considered making a quilt totally out of wool before. I do some felting and love the results I've had so far, and I know all about Appletons and wool threads, but the concept of using a material that is so variable is quite foreign. It certainly wouldn't be my first choice for a quilt as it can tend to be quite floppy, while in general cotton can be a bit firmer and give a crisper result. I don't think this is really a probelm with this quilt. I really need to find a design which complements the fabric rather than fighting against it.

A few things popped right out at me, and I'm not sure why exactly but the strongest one and one which I can't seem to get away from is that of a Yabby. Here is the sketch I did:

I really don't know where it has come from  but it was such a strong image I seemed powerless to resist. I love how he pops out of the frame and seems to be neither menacing nor friendly, just curious.
The claws/arms will be felted (I think) with lots of blue and orange. I have a great picture of a splash which I'm thinking of using for the top of the frame - very movement focused. It (obviously) needs a lot of work, but I think the next step involves more research into the fabric options available and finding a suitable range.
I told mum about it and she is very keen to help. it's good for me because i like to have an objective sounding board, but I'm not sure how much of the work i would trust her with. i just feel like i have such a strong image i'm not sure how i feel yet about sharing my baby (sorry mum). Not that anyone seems to read this anyway.
On that note please comment if you are actually reading this - I seriously think no one at all has ever read this blog. It's a self-esteem thing.