Felting with Rosie

Rosie has been going slightly mental for this last term with no preschool (this is Sydney and it's next to impossible to get preschool here) and add the teem has gone by I've had to think of new ways to keep her little brain occupied. Thankfully she's got three days at the lovely little preschool next to Ethan's school for next term, and we've kept busy this last week making felt together in the afternoons when Lincoln is asleep (or supposed to be).

She helps me lay out the wool and pick the colors as well as doing the felting, I don't know if she's more excited about the pretty wool and fibres or rolling it about and beating it up.

We've made quite a few different practice bits, this was our last (and best) attempt. The colour is better in the first photo.



And now for the sewing...

I've finished cutting out the top! I'm quite happy with it actually, I think there is a strong chance it might warp a bit while I'm sewing, but for now it looks ok. Here it is:

The spider will go in the top left hand corner on the light grey fabric. While I was working today I spotted a tiny black ant crawling across the fabric, you can just about see him below on his trek:

which made me think I could do a trail of ants climbing the tree as well. I've embroidered some ants before and always love sewing them. 

I've started sewing and this is the first little section that's put together. I'm using a varigated brown/grey thred on top, and I'm not 100% sure about it yet. I'm wondering if I should use green for green, brown for brown etc. At the same time I actually like the look of the contrasting thread, as it highlights the abstractness (not a real word) of the pattern, I don't want it to look too clean and neat. Close up here:

This is the first piece I sewed, after it has been ironed. I thought I would start sewing with the felt, as I have quite a bit more of it and thought it was safest to start with something I could replace. I used a warm iron on the reverse.

And this is the first piece before I ironed it, you can see how much more lumpy it is, and I found the heat actually makes the edges a little bit 'fuzzier' if you know what I mean. 

It's lucky I love my husband...

Cos he certainly knows how to pick his moments. I'm very tired. He knows I have a headache. I'm trying to get some work done (not fun sewing work, boring admin work) and have finally caught a moments peace. And in he stomps with "so whats for dinner?"


I'm working with an idea to do a series of panels, on beautiful fabric with simple but effective patterns, and sell them at the Old Bus Depo Markets one Sunday. If I could raise a bit of cash it would help me buy more fabric for headboards. I've done a few, ran out of staples so haven't mounted them yet, but I'm happy with them so far.

Some pics of recent work:

Grey panel, red felt circles and simple stitching.

White cotton panel, with print. The circles are blue/grey handpainted felt, and I used a combination of machine quilting and hand embroidery and beading. The first pic has our resident willy wag-tail on the fence, he often sits there while I'm sewing or designing. I used interfacing behind the fabric while I used the machine, but still found the fabric was distorted by the stitching - I think I'm just going to have to use less stitching on the panels until I can figure out a solution.
I'm working on a simple crewel design for the next panel. More to follow :)