Women in Defence is an exploration of life as a female member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The exhibition takes into account the implications of being a female in what is traditionally a man’s world. It recognises the ADF women, giving respect to them for their strength, talent and drive. Questions raised by the artist include what motivates women to join the ADF and why they choose to stay.

My work aims to challenge the public perception of the lives and conditions facing women in the ADF.  

‘I have tried to portray these women as they see themselves, which is much more complicated than a scandal in the news or a recruiting poster. ‘

The exhibition is a rich combination of tactile images, created using a multitude of layers, including textiles, painted surfaces and collage. The use of the traditionally feminine textile and fabric material portraying the masculine environment add depth and detail to the work.

Exhibition Opening - 22nd August 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped me open my first solo exhibition

Gallery of Works

Kelly, 2015

Jenni, 2015

Officer Cadet, 2015

Jaimee, 2014

Allison, 2015

Amber, 2014

JM, 2014

Marija, 2015

Jo, 2015